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Christopher grew up in the enviable position of being part of a highly creative and artistic family, this had a massive impact in his development and nurture of an extraordinary creative talent. Growing up sailing on the South East Coast of England he had from an early age a natural appreciation of space and light and how it plays a part in the visualisation of our surroundings.

His skill in using natural or artificial light sources to compliment his subject matter is something that comes not only from his natural talent, but also from having the opportunity to assist and work with some of the great leading photographers our time. The knowledge and experience he gained from those pre digital years has played a large part in his adaptable approach to composition and lighting. He has in fact taken the original methods of photography successfully into the digital age.

His work reads like a book with a dynamic fluidity that can captivate his audience and tell a visually impelling story about its subject and environment.
With this confidence and ability his work always creates an impact on the viewer. His fascination with human form in motion has also led to him writing and directing TVC’s and conceptual projects such as his recent short piece entitled “Atramentum” it’s an area he is excited to explore further.

Editorial publications include GQ Magazine British & German, Phoenix Magazine, Spoon Magazine, Sunday Times, Arena, Tank & Nylon…

His advertising clients include InterContinental Hotels, Samsung, Adidas, Nike, Nokia, The Dorchester Collection, Glaxo Smith Kline, Alberto Culver and Virgin Atlantic. His Virgin Atlantic campaign earned him the great accolade from Sir Richard Branson “ This set of pictures have fundamentally changed the face of aviation photography forever”.