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ABOUT Christopher J Lane

Christopher grew up in the enviable position of being part of a highly creative and artistic family. This undoubtedly had a huge impact in nurturing his development and talent in photography. Growing up sailing on the South East Coast of England, he’s always had a natural appreciation of space and light and how it plays a vital part in the visualisation of our surroundings.


His skill in using natural and also artificial light sources to compliment his subject matter is something that comes from having the opportunity to assist and work with some of the leading photographers of our time. The knowledge and experience attained from those pre-digital years has played a big part in his adaptable approach to composition and lighting. His original classic methods of photography perfectly compliment his transition into the digital age.

His work conveys a dynamic fluidity that is not only captivating but always lets a visually compelling story unfold around a subject and its environment. Christopher’s confident approach and ability means his work never lacks an impact on the viewer, and his fascination with human form in motion has also led to him to write and direct various TV commercials and conceptual projects such as his recent short piece entitled “Atramentum”. This is certainly an area he is looking forward to exploring further.

Editorial publications include GQ Magazine (British & German editions), Phoenix Magazine, Spoon Magazine, The Sunday Times, Brides, Conde Nast, Arena and Tank & Nylon amongst others. Advertising clients include Amazon, InterContinental Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Samsung, Adidas, Nike, Nokia, The Dorchester Collection, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Alberto Culver.

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